“Early gravel crunches below the window
Is it Rosie on an early morning sniff?
Hoovering up the vapours of the new
Through the duvet seeps the smell of fresh baked bread…pulling me,
The heavy-weight sound of a baritone bee,
Lazily hovering, then bashing the window…get up,

Rustling, hushing, scraping sounds nudge En Olivier awake…here we are,
Hidden, soundless secrets wait expectantly….lets paint,
Not every secret reveals itself, or takes form….
But we enjoy the possibility…..”

“… thank you for a great week at En Olivier. I felt wonderfully looked after in your beautiful home-combined with great teaching from Vince, fabulous landscape, better weather than we have had all year and good company- a very successful painting holiday!

“…..thank you for another wonderful week at En Olivier. It is a little piece of heaven, made so by your unstinting hospitality, great teaching the fantastic food, generous drink and excellent company – do you wonder that we want to come back again…!

“…… I was so impressed by the way you made us feel so comfortable at every stage of the day…I’m still missing those wonderful salads at lunchtime and the delicious nibbles that accompanied every beverage. Also I was very pleased with the accommodation at Montplaisir en Rose.”

We were even pampered in the bath and shower with Cath Collins products. www.cathcollins.com